Sitemap - 2023 - Vejon COVID-19 Review

Top 10 Vejon Health Videos for 2023

Implications of Ongoing Circulating Vaccine Spike Protein

Understanding Geert's Covid Predictions

Geert's Concern about the New Covid Variant (JN.1)

Excess Death Numbers continue to Explode!

Matthew Perry Autopsy Analysed

Why would Dr Shankara Chetty, a Covid Hero, be Persecuted?

The Horrific Outcomes of Covid Reinfection

What are the Outcomes of Challenging the Covid Narrative in New Zealand?

Was the General Public a Willing Participant in Covid Discrimination?

Are the Vaxed Potentially Facing an Avalanche of Inflammation?

Health Worker arrested for sharing Covid Vax data

Where is the COVID-19 pandemic now?

Breaking News - Mystery China Childhood Pneumonia

Impact of Covid Infection and Vaccination on Latent Asthma

The Covid Dinosaur Story of IgG4 Tolerance

Natural Mucosal Immunity versus Hybrid Immunity

How will COVID-19 patients Die in this next Phase?

If Not Severe COVID-19, then what is killing as many people?

What may be the longer term impacts of Covid Vaccine Coercion?

Were Covid Vaccine Mandates Reasonable or Unconstitutional?

The Awful Reality of what is to come!

The Looming Disaster of Underestimating Covid Autoimmunity

Rapidly Progressive Dementia around Covid and...?

The unvaccinated blood conundrum

CENSORED on YouTube - Were Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Deaths Hidden?

Late stage heart failure as first presentation

Lower Toxin Tolerance in Vaccinated?

Have Covid Vaccines made the same Marketing Mistake as Oxycontin?

Is "The Lazarus Effect" relevant for you?

Are Excess Deaths being Ignored across the World?

Covid Cancer Explosion! What could be the mechanisms?

Was Pfizer burying Financial Bad News?

If Vaccine Vasculitis is Occurring, what else could we find if we Looked?

YOU are part of a COVID Challenge Study. Which group are you in?

Will the Omicron Variant BA2.86 Evade Vaccines?

Robert Malone MD MS - Reflections on the Nobel Prize (Full Interview)

Truth behind the discovery of mRNA Vaccines

Conspiracy-Mindedness Reduces Covid Vaccine Uptake!

How could Smoking impact on COVID-19?

Will there be a massive surge in Mortality from Covid?

Predictions for Covid Disease: Latent Asthma

Are mild Covid Infections in the Vaccinated Necessarily good?

Vascular Dementia and the Spike Protein

Why was the Covid success from Honduras Censored?

Spike Protein and the Oestrogen Receptor

Infertility Nightmare – The Impact of COVID-19 Infection and Vaccination

Incredible! - Half of the Vaccinated have Circulating Vax Spike Protein

DAY 2 - Full Congress and Presentation Slides

DAY 1 - Full Congress can be viewed here!

Looming Omicron Lockdown

Doubling Down on Social Media Censorship

Post Vax/Long Covid Congress

Does feeling Terrible after the Covid Vaccine mean better immunity?

Why would the mRNA vaccine be more likely to cause myocarditis?

Research Standard for Covid Vaccine Myocarditis Risk

Could Big Pharma Suffer Permanent Damage from Selective Silence?

Covid Vaccine Myocarditis Implications

How did Ivermectin get caught up in COVID-19?

Heatstroke and Silent Vaccine Induced Myocarditis

Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Autoimmunity leading to Menstrual Irregularities

Why are USA Universities still mandating Covid vaccines?

Further Targeting through YouTube Censorship

Attempted Censorship AGAIN! For sharing inconvenient Truths

Covid Vaccine Implicated in Most of the Deaths!

The Flawed Hybrid Immunity Concept

What can we learn about COVID-19 from the vaccine hesitant Amish?

The eyes are likely to have the evidence of longer term Covid Vaccine harm

Is Natural Immunity to COVID-19 better? Could it protect against Cancer?

Causes and implications of recurring infections in the vaccinated

Embalmer Meets Pathologist - Cause of Mystery Clots?

Dr Rennebohm Summarises Geert's Book

COVID-19 is still Spreading! What Now? - Geert Vanden Bossche looks forward

Acknowledging the passing of Professor Arne Burkhardt - Another Great Scientific Light Extinguished

Why are the Vaxed still circulating Covid?

Hypertension, and the impact of COVID-19 and the Vaccine

Why Don't the Vaccinated Want to Know? Excess Deaths Ignored!

Vaccinated Deaths! - Should this happen on First Covid Exposure?

Senate Votes AGAINST Investigating Excess Deaths!

Why have Health Regulators not looked more closely at Embalmers Clots?

Hendra virus and the Lessons for COVID-19 Vaccination

Long Covid Treatment strategies from one of the best clinicians

Rebuilding Scientific Integrity after COVID-19

Full Presentation - Embalmers See Strange Blood "Clots"

How did China dodge the recent Omicron surge?

WHO has declared the Pandemic is over!

Censorship of Vocal Medical Doctors in a Pandemic

Scientific explanation for Embalmers' strange clots. Is this serious?

Andrew Bridgen MP, Sacrificed for his stance on Covid Vaccine harms

Sudden Deaths at Home are Rising

Why have the Perseus Report Experts called for a Covid Vaccine Suspension?

Unbelievable!! First Full Autopsy on Covid Vaccinated Death

Sudden deaths at home are rising. What options are there to lower the risk?

The Persistent Omicron COVID-19 induced chest symptoms

Has Switzerland actually stopped the Covid Vaccines?

Potential Danger of an almost 4000% IgG4 rise in COVID-19 vaccination

The silent Covid Vaccine death

Health Risks associated with the Spike Protein

Why are work absence rates are skyrocketing?

After Conference discussion with Geert and Shankara

When Geert Speaks, the World Listens

Will everyone have to pay higher life insurance premiums for vaccine deaths?

Heart failure Epidemic is just starting

Andrew Bridgen speaks in Parliament about mRNA vaccine harms

Danger of ignoring the COVID-19 Pandemic

How does IVIG reduce the severity of COVID-19? Is there a parallel to Covid boosters?

Vaccine Wrong and Strong? Will leaders Admit or Supress?

UK Data Mortality Analysis Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

Targeted for supporting Dr Chetty!

Did the "Experts" get the COVID-19 Epidemiology wrong?

Cheap and Effective Steroid Therapy is ignored by Regulators for Severe COVID-19

Looming Autoimmune Explosion with Covid Vaccines

Mechanism of action for Ivermectin in COVID-19

Federal Government now tracking the Unvaccinated!!

The Missing Virology and Immunology in COVID-19

Could Covid Vaccines cause damage to the kidneys?

Countries with high Covid vaccine hesitancy. What were the outcomes?

It is okay to change your mind on vaccine safety

Meeting of the Giants - Geert & Malone - September 2021

Potential of a hidden Pulmonary Hypertension Epidemic

Censored! - Unleashed on Covid with Dr Shankara Chetty

Unleashed on Covid with Dr Shankara Chetty

The Science has Changed..., ...and I am still Right!

All Things Covid Webinar - January 2023

Warning from German Health Minister!! - Immunodeficiency after COVID infection

Is Ignorance an Excuse in Vaccine Regulation?

All Things COVID Webinar – First of the 2023 Series

The Plight of the Covid Vaccine Injured

Why does Africa doubt its amazing COVID-19 success?

Silencing of Dissenting Public Health Professionals during a Pandemic

The furious patient! - Covid vaccine-induced myocarditis

Why are there so many Omicron variants?