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Rapidly Progressive Dementia around Covid and...?

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Rapidly Progressive Dementia around Covid and...?
Is this now becoming the normal pattern?

These perspectives are based on my own observations clinically with reference to my research on covid autoimmunity. The difference in my opinion is the combination of clinical research while observing patterns in patients. It is not always correct, however, it is very relevant.

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Hi, I'm Dr Philip McMillan, and I'm trying to predict areas of change with regards to the pandemic that we're due to see over the next few years.

Now, one of the problems with my approach around autoimmunity is that very rarely does autoimmunity present quickly.

And what I've seen over the past three and a half years after predicting autoimmunity in April of 2020 was that the pattern of disease is very slow but clearly in a consistent fashion.

The fact that it doesn't occur quickly can make it very difficult to be able to pick up because from a clinical point of view when an individual person is seeing something that can happen rarely, but you just happen to see it.

You assume that this is only something that you are seeing.

Oftentimes, it's only when you have big data that you can see significant changes with regards to patterns of disease.

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Vejon COVID-19 Review

Vejon COVID-19 Review Podcast

Comprehensive overview of COVID-19 looking at the research from Dr Philip McMillan delineating autoimmunity in the disease.