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Embalmer Meets Pathologist - Cause of Mystery Clots?

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The fact that the scientific community is ignoring these observations from embalmers about unusual clots is very strange.

Why would regulators not be interested?

Bringing together a willing Pathologist and Embalmer along with Dr Chetty to analyse these patterns.

Full Audio Podcast


Dr Rory Donnellan - Pathologist (Australia and South Africa)

Richard Hirschman is a full-time Trade Embalmer who has been self-employed since 2015. He has been working in the funeral business since 2001 and graduated from mortuary school in 2004. He currently lives in Southeast Alabama and does work for several funeral homes as needed. He was recently spotlighted in the documentary "Died Suddenly " for coming forward with evidence regarding changes observed in the blood and fibrous material discovered during the embalming process beginning in early 2021. The decision to make this public was his concern for humanity.

Dr Shankara Chetty - Family Practitioner (South Africa)


0:00 Intro
03:00 Overview of blood clotting (Dr Donnellan)
07:40 How is embalming done? (Richard Hirschman)
09:13 Thoughts on cause of clots (Dr Chetty)
11:05 International responses on Embalmers clots
12:40 Thoughts from Dr Donnellan on the patterns
15:30 What were the embalmers initial thoughts (Richard Hirschman)
17:00 Why would pathologists not notice these clots (Dr Donnellan)
21:10 Could the clots be elsewhere in the body? (Dr Chetty)
24:50 What do the clots look like (NOT for the Squeamish!)
28:32 Observations from live blood work (Dr Chetty)
33:50 Where did the idea of snake venom come from?
38:18 Characteristics of patients with clots
40:20 Why should the vaccine be a consideration?
44:30 Why is there so little interest in these clots? (Richard Hirschman)
48:20 Is it reasonable for Public Health to censor this information?
54:34 Looking for patterns with clots
57:50 Awareness needs to continue

True scientists are interested in answering complex questions.

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