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Where is the COVID-19 pandemic now?

What is likely to happen next?

Discussion with Jennifer Smith PhD (Virology, Epidemiology) and Janci Lindsay PhD (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology) about their views on Covid, vaccines and the trend of the pandemic.

Jennifer Smith PhD - Phases of the Pandemic

Whereas most patients maintained humoral immunity throughout the observation period, we observed reduced cellular immune reactivity as measured by the ancestral-strain-stimulated ELISpot assay in a subset of patients. Half of the individuals (50%; 14/28) maintained cellular immunity three months after the fifth dose, despite acquiring humoral immunity.
Tani Y, Takita M, Wakui M, Saito H, Nishiuchi T, Zhao T, Yamamoto C, Kawamura T, Sugiyama A, Nakayama A, Kaneko Y, Kodama T, Shinaha R, Tsubokura M. Five doses of the mRNA vaccination potentially suppress ancestral-strain stimulated SARS-CoV2-specific cellular immunity: a cohort study from the Fukushima vaccination community survey, Japan. Front Immunol. 2023 Aug 16;14:1240425. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2023.1240425. PMID: 37662950; PMCID: PMC10469480.

Smith's Virology Blog
In Case You Need More Evidence mRNA Injections Are NOT Vaccines
Studies are only now being performed to assess the immune response after repeated injections. This comes three years after the initial rollout of COVID genetic vaccines. These studies should have been carried out prior to mass “vaccination” programs and global rollout of these genetic vaccines. Data now shows what immunologist have feared, that the gene…
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Vejon COVID-19 Review
Vejon COVID-19 Review
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