Sitemap - 2022 - Vejon COVID-19 Review

Vejon COVID-19 Review 2022 Highlights

The huge risk from Strep A for children

Preparing for a different COVID-19 pandemic - Likely outcomes in China

COVID-19 and viral co-infections. Potential link to vaccine induced interferon autoantibodies

The first Dr Robert Malone video interview

How much of an antibody response is too much for Covid vaccine boosters?

Silent Vaccine-induced Myocarditis in a 38 year old female.

Censored on YouTube - Dr Chetty speaks about Outpatient Strategies in COVID-19

No need for Fact Check when detailed Scientific Autopsy Analysis has been done

If covid vaccines are found to cause harm, which doctors/scientists are accountable?

How was the patent on the SARS-COV2 Furin Cleavage site identified?

Thoughts on managing Omicron when infected

Geert meets Chetty - The First Interview in Full

Promotion - First Geert and Chetty Interview - Global Summit for Health 11th to 15th November 2022

The hidden Monkeypox pandemic in non-endemic (highly vaccinated) regions

Paxlovid rebound may benefit from combining with _ _ _ in the vaccinated

If hydroxychloroquine could help with Omicron, would politics block its use?

Deleted from LinkedIn for challenging the science of COVID-19

Scientific censorship gives no room for error or apologies, if people are harmed

Mandating autopsies is the way out of the pandemic!

How do the smallpox vaccines compare to Covid vaccines?

Is HIV associated with higher risk of severe COVID-19? Reflections on Africa.

Why was a vaccine not developed against SARS-COV?

Proposed risk stratification for severe COVID-19 in younger "healthy" individuals

Medical burnout will break Health systems this winter

Should you request high dose steroids for severe COVID-19?

Was the success of COVID-19 vaccines demonstrated in Africa?

Why is mainstream medicine and the Pharma industry afraid of looking into Chlorine Dioxide? Censored on LinkedIn

Ferritin - Potential measure of a silent killer in the COVID-19 pandemic

Why is the pandemic over in Africa but not the rest of the world?

Chinese zero covid policy gamble may work

Heart attacks increased? Potential risk of macrophage activation from COVID-19 and vaccines

Vitamin D and COVID-19 - Why so much confusion?

Natural mucosal immunity is the bubble that protects against COVID-19

The reality of the BA2.75 variant for the pandemic

Beware of the eye of the COVID-19 pandemic hurricane

Damaged Public Health perception - What are the longer term impacts?

COVID vaccines reduce sperm count initially with a later rebound increase

Can the elderly be protected from the looming COVID-19 mortality shock?

Who suggested that lockdowns are the explanation for current excess mortality?

Vaccine induced heart inflammation in 1 of every 43 children! Thailand Study

mRNA Vaccines may trigger Autoimmunity in up to 20% of recipients

Long Covid Analysed: Join on my focused Substack

Did COVID-19 vaccines skip animal trials?

Are ongoing investigations into the origin of SARS-COV2 still important?

Would you want to know what could happen next in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Cornered in the COVID-19 pandemic. Is there any way out?

Have COVID-19 vaccines blunted the immune response to Omicron?

Could Omicron cause a significant increase in neurological disability?

If children are not dying from COVID-19, is blanket vaccination justified?

The COVID-19 Treatment Conspiracy - How millions of lives were lost

Is it relevant that mRNA vaccine lipid nanoparticles circulate for over 2 weeks?

Could the rise in Omicron represent persistent sinus infection?

COVID-19 Innovative Solutions - Year in Review

The next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic could be a tsunami!

Geert Vanden Bossche speaks about the next phase of the pandemic

Challenging the science of COVID-19 vaccines is essential for good practice

Are you (severe, long, vaccine) COVID vulnerable?

4th International Long Covid Coalition Conference - Neuro Covid

Why do menstrual irregularities occur after COVID-19 vaccination?

Open discussion with experts taking frank view of the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 lessons from Thalidomide

Could COVID-19 vaccine hyperimmunity explain some immune complications?

The secret to understanding long Covid is in how the vaccine causes the disease

Is vaccine induced myocarditis the likely cause of increased cardiac arrests in young patients?

How do antihistamines work to prevent severe COVID-19?

Can injectable vaccines work long term to prevent severe COVID-19?

COVID-19 Overview: Past, Present and Future

Review of lung changes in vaccinated autopsies

Expert Panel on Monkeypox

Monkeypox and the possibility of Herpes co-infection

Long Covid Coalition Congress - Thrombosis and Coagulation

Looking at possible reasons for higher viral dissemination in vaccinated autopsies

Vaccinated COVID-19 Autopsy Overview

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Why would Diabetes not also be high risk for long Covid?

Intestinal inflammation is a hidden pathology in COVID-19

Could the immune response after vaccination damage the gut flora?

Important update! - COVID-19 also infects bacteria in your gut.

NHS Long Covid Conference Presentation by Dr Philip McMillan

First recorded discussion between Geert and Rob regarding the Open Letter

An Open Letter to Parents and Pediatricians Regarding COVID Vaccination - Dr Robert Rennebohm

Unusual COVID-19 facts - Over 50% of hospitalisations have hypertension

Why are anxiety and fear-related disorders a risk for severe COVID-19 in the USA?

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The "comorbid pandemic" - Why does COVID-19 affect certain health conditions?

CENSORED! - Is Africa demonstrating that Omicron circulates in highly vaccinated regions?

Geert Vanden Bossche analysis of COVID-19 Evolutionary dynamics

Most important Geert Vanden Bossche interview for 2022!

There is no superimmunity in COVID-19

Risk of ignoring COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects

Long Covid Solutions Congress

Why would a post calling for investigation into a patent in SARS-COV2 be censored?

Massive increase in dementia because of persistent immune activation

The challenge of long Covid - Part 1- Foundation concepts

Censorship on Social media - My thoughts

When legitimate scientific questions are censored...

Vitamin D helps the immune system produce a natural antiviral.

Increased mortality across Europe for aged 15 to 44 years up 800% from 2019

Why was this post censored on LinkedIn?

Who is most at risk for severe COVID-19?

Nasal interferon - Potential solution for Omicron

Increased cases of metastatic cancer due to vaccine-mediated...

Watch the FIRST meeting of the COVID-19 Giants here!

What could be the mechanism of death in vaccine breakthrough cases?

Are you silent about mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations?