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Why would Diabetes not also be high risk for long Covid?

Dr Philip McMillan
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Comprehensive overview of COVID-19 looking at the research from Dr Philip McMillan delineating autoimmunity in the disease.
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I got this remarkable message from a contact on LinkedIn:

Hi Philip, I hope you are well and I am enjoying following your conferences in relation to long covid.  I have been working in long covid since November and as you know my background is in obesity and metabolic disease.  I just wanted to share an observation with you and wonder if this has any relevance to the gut microbiome debate. 

One of the things I have noticed in my 100 person caseload is that I am only seeing a small proportion with type 2 diabetes.  Considering the risk factors for having severe disease with diabetes I would be expecting more than 5% of my caseload to have type 2 diabetes.  This has led me to start to investigate the role of metformin on the gut microbiome and to consider if this is actually protecting people from long covid. 

I don't know if this is being considered or being researched.  I have seen the evidence in the acute disease but not in long covid.  I realise that this is a small sample size and this area is so complex that it may not be relevant but I just wanted to share with you in case this is something that other people are seeing or researching. 

Best wishes, Lisa. (Click for LinkedIn profile)

Just Brilliant!

Coincidentally, had a video interview along a similar line, focused on the gut microbiome alterations in long Covid.

Watch the interview on gut microbiome here with Rachel Jessey >

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