Mar 27 • 1HR 12M

Most important Geert Vanden Bossche interview for 2022!

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Comprehensive overview of COVID-19 looking at the research from Dr Philip McMillan delineating autoimmunity in the disease.
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This conversation with Geert Vanden Bossche was very sobering. It represents a most important point of reflection as his research predicts that the virus will continue to mutate and become more virulent. In effect, we are in the eye of the pandemic storm.

His words are to the point, and my main takeaways are that:
- mass vaccination must be stopped
- urgent population level viral chemoprophylaxis in highly vaccinated regions
- acceptance that pandemics are often associated with higher death rates, but the hope is to minimise this through treatment rather than vaccination.
- shortly, the other side of the storm will suddenly pick up wind. Let us be prepared.

Just as last year, the conversation has taken my breath away.

The responsibility is to listen and reflect, there is no need for counter narratives.

Look out in the next week for his research white paper that will be submitted to WHO and global health leadership.

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