Sitemap - 2021 - Vejon COVID-19 Review

Autoantibodies to Angiotensin II in COVID-19

PODCAST: Angiotensin II autoantibodies in COVID-19

PODCAST: "Don't Look up" – Autoimmunity in COVID-19

PODCAST: Quality versus quantity of antibodies

PODCAST: Full Honduras COVID-19 presentation

How did Honduras CRUSH COVID-19?

PODCAST: My Personal COVID-19 story

My personal COVID-19 research story

PODCAST: Can Omicron overcome the vaccine booster?

Why are people who have had the booster still contracting COVID-19?

The immune response to Omicron is the greatest risk

SARS-COV2 viral spike protein evades antibody by being open or closed

Who is more at risk of the COVID-19 Omicron variant? Vaccinated or unvaccinated?

COVID-19 vaccines make a spike protein that binds to a naturally occurring protein in the body

Scientific research is the childlike search for truth

Is it logical to stimulate the immune system in COVID-19?

The most similar disease to COVID-19 is not flu... It is rheumatic fever!

Should we actively look for post vaccination myocarditis in the young?

PODCAST: Should we actively research post vaccination myocarditis in young people?

Severe COVID-19 could be similar to bee sting anaphylaxis

Opposing forces at play in COVID-19

Natural immunity versus vaccine breakthrough immunity – are they equal?

Pharmacovigilance for COVID-19 booster vaccine

If gain of function research is true... Some people are deemed to be expendable

Danger from the suboptimal responders to COVID-19 vaccines

Importance of "all cause mortality" with COVID-19 booster vaccines

Another COVID-19 scientific light extinguished

How does COVID-19 breakthrough infection cause lung pathology?

Limited understanding of COVID-19 in the first phase

Why are booster vaccines not mandatory?

New severe COVID-19 patients in Israel

Vaccinated compared to unvaccinated lung pathology in COVID-19

Possible outcomes for the COVID-19 vaccine campaign in Australia

Superspreader characteristics: Could you be one?

Where are the autopsy reports for COVID-19 vaccine booster deaths?

COVID-19 Delta Variant

Should menorrhagia post COVID-19 vaccination be ignored?

Vaccine hesitancy and the placebo effect

Severe COVID-19 is associated with interferon autoantibodies

Long covid is likely to expedite international virtual care

COVID-19 Macrophage Activation Syndrome

COVID-19 – Deaths in those with no comorbidities

Why are COVID-19 reinfection rates so low?

High dose steroids in Recovery Trial

Medicine needs to get back to the roots of pathology

Remember to trust your patient's gut instinct

COVID-19 autopsies are desperately needed. Can India help?

White blood cell NETs trigger autoimmunity in COVID-19

Understanding the risk of severe COVID-19 in pregnancy

COVID-19 spreads within 48 hours to the lungs

Gastrointestinal symptoms predominate for younger COVID-19 patients

Would you willingly be infected with COVID-19 for research?

Underestimating COVID-19

Studying asymptomatic COVID-19 in young people is critical

Why is runny nose uncommon in COVID-19?

Why are newborns rarely affected in COVID-19?

Acknowledging the COVID-19 Plan B International Team

Professor Anthony Turner first identified ACE-2, entry receptor for SARS-COV2

Desperately needed! Asymptomatic COVID-19 autopsies

Early COVID-19 lung disease in Rhesus Macaques

Fifty percent of COVID-19 cases have autoantibodies

Similar lung pathology with SARS and MERS

Not acceptable to have a limited understanding of COVID-19

Delayed interferon as cause of severe COVID-19

Key to unlock COVID-19 was found in SARS and MERS research

Vitamin D in COVID-19 with James Lundeen

International Forum looking at alternative options for COVID-19

COVID-19 Autoimmunity Flow Chart