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Where did the "Experts" go Wrong with Covid?

Please engage in the Poll to help us understand what is needed.

Over the next few weeks to months, I intend to do a comprehensive analysis of COVID-19, explaining almost all clinical aspects of the disease through an autoimmune paradigm.

This was a plan over 2 years ago, however on the emergence of Omicron, I thought it would no longer be relevant, as the pandemic would be over. This was not the case as highly vaccinated regions continue to circulate Omicron variants.

Many clinicians and scientists are struggling to tie the pieces together, and without an overview, this will be difficult for them to achieve.

My acquisition of the recent textbook by Professor Haseltine has made the process easier, as many of the references are included.

Additionally, I have collated multiple other references over the past few years, that add depth to the current available knowledge in the aim of producing an advanced Covid course.

We're considering launching an advanced course on COVID to provide in-depth insights and expert analysis beyond what's currently available. Your input is crucial in helping us gauge interest.


Vejon COVID-19 Review
Vejon COVID-19 Review Podcast
Comprehensive overview of COVID-19 looking at the research from Dr Philip McMillan delineating autoimmunity in the disease.