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Unstoppable Mothers Against Covid Vaccine Injuries

Politicians beware - They will never be silent about vaccine harms

Politicians and industry have underestimated the power of mothers to find truth and answers in a world willing to ignore vaccine injuries.

On May 6th, 2021, this vibrant, intelligent, active 34-year-old young man died suddenly, 16 days after his COVID-19 vaccination. Soon after, his devastated family began navigating the uncharted territory of collecting the evidence needed to find justice for Victor.

This week, on January 28th, 2024, his case report, which includes the heartbreaking medical findings, including the details of his collapse in front of EMS services, was accepted as a preprint and was made available to the public. This is the remarkable story of how the international efforts of several professionals and two determined mothers --who met through the connection of their son’s mRNA vaccine tragedies-- would not let this young man’s death remain an unsolved medical case.

Case of Myocarditis, Pericarditis, and Fatal Aortic Dissection Following Covid-19 mRNA Vaccination
358KB ∙ PDF file
Balbona, Eduardo J., Heather Hudson, and Janci Lindsay. "Case of Myocarditis, Pericarditis, and Fatal Aortic Dissection following Covid-19 mRNA Vaccination."

Tammy AI Timecodes:

1:08: ⚕️ Discussion with authors and mother on autopsy report implications.

7:00: ⚖️ Mothers seek truth behind vaccine-related deaths through extensive research and perseverance.

12:36: ⚠️ Mothers faced conflict choosing between trusted medical authorities and dissenting doctors, experiencing fear and isolation during the pandemic.

17:59: ⚠️ Challenges in assessing COVID vaccine risks and long-term effects.

23:21: ⚖️ Mother's determination to seek justice for son's vaccine injury despite opposition and belief in greater good.

28:53: ⚠️ Lack of transparency and research on vaccine injuries is hindering patient care and understanding.

34:19: ⚠️ Mothers facing pressure to stay silent about vaccine concerns and spreading information.

39:37: ⚕️ Rapid deterioration due to aortic dissection led to cardiac arrest and pericardial tamponade.

45:18: ⚠️ Pathologist's expertise in studying Spike protein in heart raises questions about myocarditis increase post-vaccine.

50:24: ⚕️ Inflammation in smaller blood vessels may lead to aortic dissection and vaccine injuries.

56:26: ⚠️ Urgent call for doctors' independence in investigating autoimmune reactions from vaccines.

1:01:49: ⚠️ Concern over medical community's reluctance to investigate vaccine injuries and prioritize patient care.

1:07:20: ⚠️ Failure of Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to address reported deaths.

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