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Reanalysis of Geert's Concern for HIVICRON

Great information to help those interested in a deeper grasp of the science.

Always a pleasure to speak with Dr Rennebohm about Geert’s research. His interpretation is consistently valuable.

The immune escape pandemic in a nutshell. Large-scale infection-prevention measures combined with mass C-19 vaccination resulted in large-scale gain-of-function (from asymptomatic-mild infection by Wuhan-Hu-1 lineage to (PNN)Ab-dependent enhancement of severe C-19 disease by HIVICRON). Copyright Geert Vanden Bossche PhD

Advanced Covid 360 Course is now available as a Pre-launch product

Part 1 - Viruses and Variants

  • Overview and Basics of a Virus

  • Comparison of Prior Viral Epidemics

  • Interferon Response to the SARS-COV2 virus

  • Understanding SARS-COV2 Variants

  • Gain of Function Research

  • Q&A

This is likely to be at least a 7 part series with over 30 modules!

Get the discounted price before the next section is added within a week!

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Vejon COVID-19 Review
Vejon COVID-19 Review Podcast
Comprehensive overview of COVID-19 looking at the research from Dr Philip McMillan delineating autoimmunity in the disease.