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How did the Anti-vax Papua New Guinea Fare?

Looking at why the vaccine was not needed in some countries.

Science looks at outcomes, not expectations. In circumstances where the "known" science seems flawed, always go back to real world observations.

“As Papua New Guinea's COVID-19 cases surge and health services are stretched doctors at the country's main hospital are prescribing an anti-worm medicine to treat COVID-19 patients, despite the WHO warning against its use.

Ivermectin is used to treat parasitic infections but has gained popularity on social media as a COVID-19 cure despite warnings from health experts.”

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Frequencies of the most commonly observed adverse events by treatment arm. Frequencies are expressed as percentages of participants who were assessed for AEs after treatment

Thus, there was no increased incidence of severe AEs or SAEs after community-wide treatment with IDA in PNG. The types of AEs reported were similar across treatment arms and similar to those observed in other settings [22]. AEs associated with inguinal or scrotal swelling or pain were uncommon and no more common after IDA.

Tavul, Livingstone, et al. "Safety and efficacy of mass drug administration with a single-dose triple-drug regimen of albendazole+ diethylcarbamazine+ ivermectin for lymphatic filariasis in Papua New Guinea: An open-label, cluster-randomised trial." PLoS neglected tropical diseases 16.2 (2022): e0010096.

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