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Why was the Covid success from Honduras Censored?

Over 300,000 lives could have been saved in the USA by using their strategy

This was such important information to be shared, especially to countries with limited financial resources. Presentation slides (pdf) from Dr Fernando Valerio is available below.

Honduras found a successful strategy to save lives. Instead of being celebrated, the information was censored!

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Watch the full Interview on Streamyard here >

Based on the trajectory of deaths, if the USA had implemented the Honduras strategy in late 2021, they may have saved about 300,000 deaths!

The danger of arrogant ignorance.

Dr Fernando Valerio - Critical Care, Honduras
1.95MB ∙ PDF file
Impact of a Multifaceted Treatment Against COVID 19 using repurposed drugs with a Multi Mechanism Approach. The experience of Honduras.

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Vejon COVID-19 Review
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