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No one ever had to bribe or coerce me into getting a flu shot, and I paid full price for one every year for 24 years. If the shot truly works and the disease is truly a threat then show the evidence, there is no need for coercion. They pushed so hard with covid shots that now I'm not getting flu shots anymore either.

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Listen to Professor Augusto Zimmermann I recall responding to discussions with others who blindly follow whatever the law demands.

Is History repeating itself?

Reading again about Project 2025 (Republicans in the USA) I see a reflection of German History.

Hitler's trial took place from February 26th to April 1st of 1924.

He was found guilty of treason and jailed for 5 years.

Hitler came to power in 1933.

In the 9 years between, right-wing fanatics (Goebbels, Göring, Himmler etc) gathered strength supported by big companies such as Siemens, Krupps, and Volkswagen among others including doctors.

The real dictator was not Hitler, it was the agenda laid out by the extremists who used Hitler's marginalized IQ as the messenger.

Are we again at a braking point between enforced laws against human rights?

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UK Covid-1984 Step 3- The vaccine can save us


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No one has more right over your body than you. Genocide is tricky business.

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Mandatory medical procedures are a crime against humanity and such offences must be brought to justice through the prescribed death penalty

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