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Vascular Dementia and the Spike Protein

Looking at some of the potential mechanisms for brain damage.

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Dementia – The Impact of COVID-19 Infection and Vaccination
Thursday 14th September at 19:00 PM UK time

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Draft Agenda (subject to change)

  • Section 1: Types of Dementia

  • Section 2: Cholinergic Deficit in Dementia

  • Section 3: Importance of Brain Atrophy

  • Section 4: Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Section 5: Blood and Radiology Investigations

  • Section 6: Current Medication

  • Section 7: Future Treatment

Q&A Session (5 minutes)

Open the floor for questions. Address inquiries related to the webinar content, including COVID-19, vaccines, and dementia.

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Vejon COVID-19 Review
Vejon COVID-19 Review
Dr Philip McMillan