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The Covid jab by Oxford/Astra Zeneca is made from chimpanzee poop.


When I learned this fact about a month ago, I nearly fell off my chair ... i had to wonder, "Could chimpanzees carry/get infected with monkeypox?" A quick Goolag search gave me the answer: YES, chimpanzees DO get monkeypox.

It would ONLY take a couple of bad batches of Oxford/Astra Zeneca jabs contaminated accidentally (or intentionally) with monkeypox to seed monkeypox virus in the jabbed population, who then would spread it to others. It is interesting that the Oxford Astra Zeneca was predominantly used in Europe more so than in the United States. And where did the monkeypox cases first start appearing? Yes, you guessed it ... in European tourists at the gay rave parties in the Canary Islands.

Remember always: If you let someone inject you with a jab derived from ANY animal, DO NOT BE SURPRISED if you subsequently contract a new (or undiscovered) animal disease, as "vaccination" is one of the routes for animal diseases to "jump" into humans ... And IMHO this is also why VETERINARIANS always seem to understand what is happening so much sooner than M.D.s whenever a new disease first appears in humans.

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