Open discussion with experts taking frank view of the COVID-19 pandemic


Truly wonderful discussion from scientists who have been removed from main stream social media because of their frank opinions.

Dr Jennifer Smith has the most clear explanation of viral evolution starting at point 41:50.

Jennifer Smith PhD is a Virologist & Epidemiologist with expertise on the first SARS-COV epidemic from 2003 and other coronaviruses. Sharing her thoughts about the pandemic and how viruses evolve.

Dr John Abeles is a medical doctor and entrepreneur with broad expertise in the health care sector who will help analyse and condense the discussion.

Thoughts from Dr Smith - "It's still troubling that people are not connecting the dots on this or refusing to see it. I had a discussion with someone who fully believes the jabs are the reason for saved lives without taking into account viral evolution. I guess the one good thing the injections did was accelerate viral evolution so we now have more attenuated variants circulating. However, I told him that we cannot ignore the other health effects of these injections."

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