Natural Mucosal Immunity versus Hybrid Immunity

Covid Story to clarify the science


Using a story and visual imagery to convey complex science. Please let me know the strengths and weaknesses of this attempt.

Who are the major players in the story:

  • Hyenas represent the novel Coronavirus

  • The hedge with bramble is the mucosal layer including physical barriers like mucus protection.

  • Trees beyond the hedge are secretory IgA antibodies.

  • Dogs are the local innate immune system to fight infection

  • Snipers represent the systemic immune response

  • Electric fence is indicating that hybrid immunity is one dimensional

Images generated by AI (DALL-E)

Generated by DALL·E
Natural Mucosal Immunity preventing hyenas from getting inside
Generated by DALL·E
Hybrid Immunity trying to fight off hyenas inside the community

Overall the point is to highlight that injectable vaccines will strengthen systemic immunity but not the mucosal response to deal with a respiratory viral infection.

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