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I wonder if any of these autopsy reports are being publicly discussed anywhere else - it seems that it would be utmost important information to decide on things like vaccinating children! I wonder how did the autopsies begin in other words was there funding - perhaps as a research initiative - and is this an ongoing effort to gather more data? Thank you for what you do!

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Too small sample size to make a general conclusion. Therefore, explanations are rather individualistic, except the age factor.

The enhanced infectivity of SC2 in vaccinees has been explained in https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2021.05.032.

Immune tolerance or rather immune suppression caused by mRNA vaccines has been first mentioned by Ugur Sahin, who led the development of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. It was recently also analysed by Dr.Robert Malone. Immune tolerance/immune suppression is both blessing and the curse, because it avoids hypersensitivity reaction, but may lead to systemic inflammation.

But to make a discussion more interesting for Dr.McMillan it is worth to propose a hypothesis that vaccinal antibodies (Abs) have the same properties as soluble ACE2 (sACE2), that is, titers of sACE2 (the same as vaccinal Abs) much higher than its physiological range in plasma achieve inhibitory effects against systemic infection, while the titers within the physiological range correlates with disease severity (see Yeung et al., 2021).

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Thank you, Phillip. I listened twice. Your voice is very calming and resonant. Your information is stellar! So glad I subscribed to you. You and Geert are two of my favorite pandemic heroes along with Pierre Kory and Paul Marik.

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