They lie , they lie, they lie....I haven't seen a doctor in 5 years , I don't take pharmaceuticals and I will no longer take any kind of injectable......I am 63 and I was not an antivaxxer before the corrupt plandemic outed the system and it's cabal....I love your work Philip , but you need to take into account the legal structures put in place to facilitate this crime. Katherine Watts and Sasha Latypova outline the decades long framework. This was no accident and the victims were always going to be....they knew , and I'm not sure why any one would ever trust Marks or his lot again....🤷‍♂️🙏

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It's impossible to take any pro vaxx data seriously with so much fraud involved. Layers on top of layers and than the almost useless diagnosis tools.

Norman Fenton sums it up with the title "Lying with statistics, the world has been conned"


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Dr Philip, thanks for your work. On the one hand you call out deceptive analysis, but on the other hand accept other prior text as accurate and that vaccines have saved millions of lives, even stating Covid mRNA vaccines having value in some situations. As others have mentioned, there are layers and layers of lies. At what point can we say that a layer is truthful? All need to be reanalyzed by objectively critical analysts. I encourage you to question the data and analysis that says mRNA vaccines are helpful at all. My studies tell me that it can be good for a targeted individual as gene therapy, but not across any broad audience.

RFKs book “The Real Anthony Fauci” is quite eye opening and well referenced. It calls every study into question, every journal, every university, every regulator. If you follow the money you find lies everywhere.

Personally, I was fortunate enough to read about Moderna in 2017 and invest in them before the Covid vaccines. I knew that many researchers and companies had worked on mRNA technology for 30+ years and were unable to solve several critical problems, which resulted in either no effectiveness or toxic poisoning of the subjects. See below for an article from 2017, which piqued my interest, but indicated that even then they weren’t ready for human trials of anything mRNA. Then suddenly in 2020 it was portrayed that the mRNA vaccines were safe and effective. After 30+ years they finally solved several deadly problems? Impossible. There was no way in hell I was going to take that jab before 2030. And I was pro-vaccine at the time. Now I’m pro-vaccine-safety. Show me a vax with honest analysis of safety and effectiveness and I’ll support it. Today none reach that bar, though polio comes closest. Even that needs more analysis, but in light of the deception and money flows, I am convinced of deceit until proven otherwise.

I was puzzled by Robert Malone getting the mRNA vax in 2021. I figured he should know whether it was safe or not. He has since said that he was convinced not by data (which doesn’t exist), but by people he knew that said the primary problems had been resolved. He had left mRNA research in 2012. Now he knows those were lies and he greatly regrets taking the jab.


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I totaly agree with your take on the situation, which is why all cause mortality is the only believable statistic left that can me measured, as polluted as it is.

Way back in early 2022 the gov data as begining to show that the jabbed were suffering far worse outcomes than those without, and the goc responce was to remove the published data as it was being miss-interperated ????

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"he was convinced not by data (which doesn’t exist), but by people he knew that said the primary problems had been resolved. He had left mRNA research in 2012. ****Now he knows those were lies and he greatly regrets taking the jab.****

Show me ANY vacxxxxxxine, and you'll find lies. I won't get in line for ANY OF THEM EVER AGAIN (not that I ever did). And I was already convinced that the vaxxxxxines were scams even before the COVID scamdemic."

Vaxxxxxine compliance (any of them) is inversely proportional to IQ


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The biggest issue is the fact that this so called Covid vaccines have killed and severely injured millions of people so far. And that wasn't an error. The correct term is crime. Therefore, until those crimes are recognized and those responsible for them are sent to jail, trust will never be restored. You can't restore trust based on the greatest web of lies.

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Covered Up: mRNA Shedding, Transmissibility and Cancer.




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Jan 8·edited Jan 8

Presence of viral spike protein and vaccinal spike protein in the blood serum of patients with long-COVID syndrome


PDF ⬇️


“ CONCLUSIONS: This study, in agreement with other published investigations, demonstrates that both natural and vaccine spike pro-tein may still be present in long-COVID patients, thus supporting the existence of a possible mechanism that causes the persistence of spike protein in the human body for much longer than predicted by early studies. According to these results, all patients with long-COVID syndrome should be analyzed for the presence of vaccinal and viral spike protein.”

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I do not believe you can separate it out in this way. After the tsunami of lies from Government regulators and Big pharma about Covid, lockdowns, track & trace, vaccine mandates, & the gene therapy marketed as a vaccine, everything must now be questioned. If they lied in 2020 how many other lies have they told? Maybe they have lied about vaccines as well ? And on a personal note I am never going for any vaccines- ever. I use to believe that each medical product should be tested on its merits including vaccines. But no longer. My trust has vanished in the haze.

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Hello Philip,

Please read "The Real Anthony Fauci" by Robert F.Kennedy Jr.

And also please read "Vax-Unvax. Let The Science Speak" by Robert F.Kennedy Jr. & Brian Hooker, which compares and contrasts the health differences of two cohorts of American children; those who followed the childhood vaccination schedule and those who didn't. (As well as discussing other vaccines including for COVID-19)

I'd be extremely interested to hear your opinion on the controversial subject of childhood vaccinations using RFK's books as the jumping off point.

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Funny you should say that this one was shared today..

The Real Anthony Fauci


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Slowly, the truth is coming out.

Wenstrup Releases Statement Following Day 1 of Dr. Fauci’s Testimony


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Perhaps there was no need for this analysis at all, on your part. Even so, the unvaccinated seem more safe from deaths now in 2023, compared to 2021 when the variant ( delta) was much more virulent. But the vaccinated are only faring worse now compared to 2021, even while facing a more benign variant. That should settle the argument. While the downsides of the vaccine are being researched threadbare with every passing day, obvious because there is lot of science in it, we haven’t come across a well researched work bringing out it’s possible positive sides - particularly to support the only official claim that it saved serious illness. There isn’t even a theoretical analysis of mechanisms of how it would save serious illness, when it would let in the virus freely. The science looks unassailable on one side, while seeming non existent on the other side.

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Dr Marks is not convincing. I’ve seen too many adverse effects from the Covid shots ......including one death, several hospitalizations, one heart surgery, one brain cancer (two tumors removed and subsequent lung blood clot), and more (all temporally related to injection)..... for me to believe ANYTHING that these people say ever again.

In Addition, I just found out that my cousin (49 yrs old), a teacher, was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I don’t know the exact details yet, but I’m pretty sure that she was “vaccinated”.

But I’m sure that it’s just a coincidence........./sarc

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How can we talk about the lethality of Covid without assessing the use of other well established meds had they been permitted? Would Covid really be a very deadly disease if Doctors were allowed to treat with Ivermectin and Hydroxyq.?

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