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I cannot find downloads of the first day presentations and want to follow up on the Christie Grace links to papers she covered in her talk. I have photographed her slides from my screen but would really like the links.

It was incredibly informative but also upsetting. One has to come to terms with neural damage and that is hard but I am working to save the remaining neurons!

Three years plus down the line and trying many of the supplement and other remedies from mid-2020 onwards I have been doing my best to salvage from the wreckage.

I am sorry to say that the Vedicinals 9 did not work for me but I see that there has been a slight change in ingredients and am going to get in touch with Rachel Jessey (who is wonderful support and provides excellent guidance) to see if I should try again and plan to try the Neuro spray when it comes out and get some Enovid.

The comment on cost is all too true, a huge amount of time and money, and working through the brain fog as well....

This needs to be spread far and wide.

May I suggest you contact Dr John Campbell in UK to watch the whole conference and also Dr Roger Seheult of Medcram in the US as they both have huge number of viewers, both medical and the general public. They could spread the info to a much wider base and continue the conversation on what is actually going on. As one of the speakers said, never assume what you are saying is the end result - science is all about interaction and input from others.

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Whenever I want to post, in the last 2 days, I am being asked to re validate and submit my profile. The submission is not going through either. I typed a post ten times yesterday here, every time it failed and the typed matter lost. I request Vejon office to look into it and correct it. This has not happened before. I am a very regular follower of these podcasts, with the aim of sharing science that I know with as many as possible. It has been physically and mentally exhausting responding in these boxes in the last 2 days.

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This was a excellent Conference the context of the presentation over the two was clear and concise very accessible to the lay public sincere gratitude

Dr McMillan 🙏

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I really enjoyed the whole two day conference and appreciate the work you’ve done putting it on for us, Dr M. One thing that does make me wonder is if we do have the hard evidence needed to be charging people good money for all these different supplements. I’m not saying that anyone is grifting, but truly, there are lots of people who have gotten in on the game of developing their own supplement companies and making money for something that may work or may not work at all. I am looking forward to the day when there is hard evidence for all the things recommended. In the meantime, the basics of good nutrition, sleep, stress management, and a gentle exercise program plus robust vitamin D serum levels seems a good place to start. I don’t know how we are to get replicative mRNA out of people’s systems… for good. And I seriously doubt any of the presenters know how to do that either. If it actually does, without a doubt, incorporate into the DNA, then that seems a no-go to me. Am I wrong, Dr M?

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While this conference addressed treatment plans for LC/LV substantially, I am surprised it did not address the issue of prevention of LC/LV. Even if reporting has stopped, fresh cases (omicron descendants) continue to roil the west ( USA, particular). This is the source for near future LC. Repeat vaccinations have continued, are being formally promoted, offering almost non stop tenancy for synthetic spike segments in the population - source of LV, even though it will be officially lumped as LC. In both cases, there is only one option each for prevention. For LV, stop all repeat vaccinations. For LC, start immediate standard URT medications at the first whiff of infection/ symptoms. This will prevent viral load build in the viral phase, prevent any tenancy load later and shut the scope for LC. Even Dr. Shankara Chetty left early treatment as just a highlight point in one of the slides. Among all these specialists, he was the only to start early and use classical medicines and was thus in an eminent position to comment on early treatment versus LC incidence, from his methodical patient follow up. I would earnestly request him to comment on his findings in the boxes here. On Dr. Tina Peer’s protocols, though she used the right drugs in the case she was detailing, I feel in some phases a larger compliment of these drugs were needed. As single drugs e.g. the anti histamines she used, even azithromycin, provide only partial anti viral heft. Combinations were needed for a more pronounced outcome. I infer this from the chemical structures of these drugs. Multiple drugs also provide multiple mechanisms, a big bonus in such protocols.

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I entirely agree that science thrives only when views, premises, thoughts, inputs etc are shared, no matter where they come from. Many of us following these sub stacks have strong science backgrounds, even if not medical practitioners. We are not active researchers now. We are eager that these views must be taken by active researchers, when they see them. They should not mind that these views are coming to them unsolicited. In that vein, the organisers of these conferences should take note of such inputs that have come to them every now and then and put them up for discussion with the experts. This is a humble, sincere request in the cause of science and eventually welfare. Not every one of us will be able take part in live Q&A sessions, often done in by local internet connections.

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